Rajesh Khanna

If the Rahu is Favorable

Rahu is considered as shadow planet in horoscope. Some astrologers deny the effect of Rahu, Ketu’s 3 level sight.  In Indian Numerology Rahu and Ketu are not counted as other planets. I want to explain in this article what role rahu and ketu plays in practical life and astrology.  In Fact to understand the Rahu in details the books are not enough.  You have to experience the life of others and analyze what happens with people when Rahu’s time period comes.


The first Super Star was given by Rahu. Here is the horoscope of a person whose career was made by Rahu. Rajesh Khanna, who is also known as Kaka or Babu Moshay. He was the first superstar of Hindi Film Cinema. Rajesh Khanna was interested in films from childhood.

Let’s understand how a person becomes Super Star with Rahu’s sway.

Rajesh Khanna Horoscope - Kundali

In Rajesh Khanna’s Horoscope, Mercury and Jupiter’s interchange is giving the ability to being an actor. Fifth house is the house of entertainment in horoscope. The lord of fifth house is in seventh house of horoscope with the lord of Ascendant Mercury. The conjunction of Mercury and Venus takes him to the film industry for acting. Venus gives art and Rahu puts devilment. Jupiter’s 4th aspect is depth and Sun’s position is for his attractive personality.

Three benefic planets in 7th house are the major factor of his talent. Altogether Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Sun moved him to acting. But no one planet was more powerful than Rahu.

Rahu Mahadasha

Rajesh Khanna was born in Sun’s Period. In 1965 United Producers had selected Rajesh Khanna through ten thousand competent. They selected the list of eight people and Rajesh Khanna’s name was in the list and in the end of competition, he won the role. This was the start of Rahu’s period which called Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology.

Rajesh Khanna was active in the starting of Rahu’s period. In 1966 his first film was released. The lord of Mahadasha shows its effect after some time. The position of Jupiter in ascendant was proved to him a blessing and when Jupiter’s period started in 1969, Aradhana released and it was super hit. Here was the beginning of a Superstar.

From 1970 to 1975 Rajesh Khanna was not only a super star but also people consider him God. Such popularity was a blessing of Rahu’s period. Let’s get into more details and analyze his Dreshkon Chart which is analyzed for career settlement in horoscope.

Rajesh Khanna Dreshkon Chakra

Most people ignore this chart whereas this chart contains the details about career and the key planet that will become the main source of income in your life. I have marked with reds and green marks in the given image below. The green dot indicates positive points and benefic aspect of planets. Rahu has got support from several benefic planets. Such Rahu’s aspect on other houses and planets will be blessed and increase the effect of that house many times.

Presence of Rahu is on 3rd house of horoscope which is known for stoutness, courage or power. Rajesh Khanna’s sway was so much that no one actor was able to defeat him in popularity at that time.

1st aspect of Rahu is on fifth house which is house of love affairs, talent, education and knowledge. The talent of Rajesh Khanna is not hidden to the world. There was not a reduction for him of girls who was in love with him. Girl’s was so much crazy for Rajesh Khanna that they put their lip marks on his car.

2nd aspect cast on the seventh house which is of wife’s place. His married life was disturbed and there was separation but not in the period of Rahu. Rahu was the planet who bounded him with his wife till the end of its period. There were other astrological reasons of his breakup with Dimple Kapadia. Markesh is the planet who kills, destroy in horoscope. Markesh Sun of ascendant Gemini, Retrograde lord of 7th house, combust Venus (Lord of 12th house is known for separation) was the reason for his unhappy married life.

If the people who know the Rahu’s effect scare by its name, this is the exceptional power of Rahu. Goddess Saraswati’s bless those whose Rahu is positive and good in horoscope. Such people remain indisputably pioneer in the matter of work, talent and knowledge. Rahu ruled over the hidden love romance, backbiting, deception, espionage, conspiracy etc. If Rahu is favorable, you will be wise to surefire. The person who will mess with you will stick into problems. In the modern world there is the sway of Rahu.

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