Horoscope of Dharmendra

Due to Stars he is Star – Dharmendra

Dharmendra has been a very well-known name in the Bollywood industry and he was one of the most successful actors during the 60s to 80s. Definitely, he has worked very hard to achieve this success but the planetary stars also play a significant role to be successful in life.

The same happened with Dharmendra as well when he won a contest which helped him in getting his first movie. This was his first success as depicted in his horoscope where ascendant lord Mars is situated in strong position.

It is extremely important for any successful film star to have good and supportive ‘Rahu’ in the horoscope because it is Rahu which creates this beautiful world which looks highly attractive and is equally mysterious. If the fifth house, which is known as a house of entertainment, is also strong then it proves that the person is definitely going to become a famous star. In case of Dharmendra’s horoscope, the fifth house has abundance of self-house sight of Jupiter. Moreover, in Dreshkorn chakra as well Jupiter is situated in self-house within the fifth house. All these planetary positions leave no doubt in successful filmy career of Dharmendra.

His first film (“Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere”) released in 1960 when his Rahu House didn’t start and that’s why the film couldn’t achieve much success. But in 1962, when Rahu House started, Dharmendra’s career got a new direction through the film “Anpadh”. With Rahu in his horoscope he made a place for himself in the industry till 1964 but he required a blockbuster in his career to achieve stardom. In 1964 end when there was sub-planet Jupiter within Rahu House, he got a film which became a milestone in his career and in mid-1965 when this film “Phool aur Pathar” released it established Dharmendra as an action hero.

Rahu is normally considered as Hostile House but in film industry Rahu is the planet which builds or destroys career because film industry is rightly known as MayaNagri which means whatever is visible to eyes is not true and what is true is not visible to eyes. So Rahu gave one more superstar to this MayaNagri which became highly successful during 1962-1980 due to the favorable planetary position of Rahu.

The planetary positions of Mercury, Venus and Ketu within Rahu House proved golden period for Dharmendra and during these periods Dharmendra got super hit films like Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Jugnu, Yaadon ki Baraat which gave super stardom to Dharmendra and added evergreen films in Bollywood portfolio.

Dharmendra was equally successful during Jupiter Mahadasha as well after completion of Rahu Mahadasha and kept illuminated this Bollywood world with his super-hit movies. One of the biggest achievements in Dharmendra career was that he kept working as a hero when his fellow stars were working as grandfather. Mars planetary position in his horoscope helped him extremely in getting such kind of roles and keeping him fit and young.

Mars weight and influence in Shodash Varg of Dharmendra’s horoscope is extremely high which signifies that in eight charts out of sixteen charts the Self-house or High Mars is the planet which is lord of power, energy, anger and enthusiasm and this Mars has displayed its image in Dharmendra’s super-hit films